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How to Start a Blog in 2019| Best Guide for Beginners‎

 My name is Joseph Morgan, starting a blog in 2019 will be easy for you if you follow the step I wrote here.

If you are planning to start a blog then you are the right place because what you will learn today will equally help you as it has helped me. Start a blog can be frustrating because when I started, I made a lot of mistakes and I won’t like you to repeat the same mistakes.


Let define what blog means

To me, I see a blog as a website where content written down can satisfy reader curiosity and you can run a successful blog in any niche of your interest and in any topic of your choice.

Note: You must have a passion for blogging for your creativity in blogging to work for you.


WordPress and blogger are the two favourite platform to start.

But I prefer WordPress because of its great plugins and themes to rank and beautify the site well. WordPress requires a host to run smoothly and it needs maintenance.


Well, blogger is good because is simple to learn and more good for novice and it almost free. what I meant is that blogger uses a free host to run, unlike WordPress which you have to pay for a host.


  1. Blog name: here it matters a lot because is your main attraction and it must look simple so as for your audience to remember it.
  2. Getting your blog; after buying the domain what you need is to host it using a well-known hosting website like Bluehost so as to remain online. Remember in blogger you don’t need the host
  3. Installing a template/theme: to make your blog look good you have to customized and install the theme to your test
  4. Write and publish your first post
  5. Promote your blog: here is a crucial area because is what and how you do it will determine your blog success in the long run and readers will start flowing in (facebook ads, AdWords)
  6. Monetizing stage: It every blogger dream to make money from their blog one day and realizing that good you must put and your energy into your blog and write unique content. we have numerous ways to make money from blogging examples Google Adsense and other adnetworks I listed in the previous article you can try if Adsense keeps rejecting you and you can signup for affiliate marketing meaning there is a website out there that will pay you commission when someone buys a product in their website using your link. Lastly, you can sell advert space in your site to enable you to earn more and even charge your own rate weekly/monthly.


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